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Use Camunda without touching Java and get an easy-to-use REST-based orchestration and workflow engin

Back in 2016 at NexxBiz started to explore and implement Camunda BPM platform for one of our customers. At that time one of their primary concerns was the amount of Java knowledge and infrastructure that might have been required for building and maintaining their solutions on top of Camunda.

Bernd wrote a nice article addressing just this matter and the capabilities of their platform that helps minimise the required Java know-how to start building on top of Camunda.

Please read the full post by Bernd Rücker for more on this topic.


The Open Source BPM platform from Camunda serves these use cases very well. Developer friendliness is one of the key values behind the product — but as soon as you dive into the documentation you might get the impression that it is mostly Java specific developer friendliness. The platform provides tons of hooks to plug in your own functionalities and extensions but all this is done in Java. So are other techies locked out?

No! Actually it is easy to run Camunda without any Java knowledge and set up an architecture to code in the language of your choice.

Please read the full post by Bernd Rücker for more on this topic.

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